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that allows you to monetize your gaming skills and earn real rewards

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Casual Gamer or a professional e-sports player
BitSport has something for you.

Our platform rewards you for playing your favorite games, and with the launch of our latest creation, BitPool, you can now earn even more $BITP tokens by playing web3/AI powered 8-ball pool.


BitSport Weekly Leaderboard Challenge

Participate in as much as possible PVP Challenges; Top Leaderboard and win $500 Prize Pool

Redefining GameFi

Play 4 different Skill and knowledge based Game Modes

It’s hard & expensive to earn money from Gamefi; you have to learn how to play new games of worse quality.

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Play your favorite games like FIFA, COD, etc against other players and earn crypto, start your E-sports career



Stake tokens on a twitch streamer playing against another, and earn crypto if you are correct


Esport Tournament

Participate & Stake on e-sports tournaments; earn Crypto.



Play your favorite team games like COD, PuBG, etc in groups; stake in groups and earn crypto in groups

An Amazing One-Stop User Friendly Interface Made by Gamers for Gamers

Gamers come first at BitSport, delivering a full fledged easy to use DApp with an intereopable in-house exchange for easy incentivization

Easy to participate Game Modes

Join other gamers around the world to stake and play easy to participate modes on your favorite and existing games

Instant Payout in Crypto:

Receive instant payout in Crypto, no hassle, no wait, no stress

Join a Tournament, Earn Big!

Show your skills, increase your worth. Join a BitSport Tourney to put your skill to test against other gamers, lead the pack and earn Big!

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Road Map

Q3 2022

  • Regional Tournaments and NFT-IGO Launch
  • Launch Mobile games on the DApp to increase More Adoption.
  • Locked Liquidity Match Beta
Q4 2022

  • BitSport Esport Team & Global Regional tournament.
  • BitSport Creatives/ Influncer Program
  • Bitverse Beta Development
Q1-Q2 2023:

  • Rollout BitPool (Web3/AI 8 Ball Pool Game)
  • Launch BITP on DEXs & few CEXs.
  • Developer program foundation & BFI Launch
  • Develop PlayChain Blockchain
  • Rollout BITP on PlayChain Testnet
Q3 - Q4 2023

  • Launch PlayChain Ecosystem & Create CrossChain Bridge for BITP & BFI
  • InGame API Stack Launch
  • BitVerse Beta Rollout

Gaming is Evolving Worldwide
Be Ever Ready to Evolve with BitSport.

A Blockchain driven, play & earn competitive gaming ecosystem reinventing the GameFi, eSport, & NFT space by creating mass market adoption via Incentivisation & onboarding of traditional gamers playing their favorite games to the MetaVerse.

Gaming Audience
50k+ USDT
Start Playing Let's Partner

Join us now and start earning rewards for doing what you love.

Our platform is easy to use and accessible to gamers worldwide. Simply sign up, choose your preferred games, and start earning today. With investors like Cardano, Signal Hills, and Blockcensus Capital backing our project, you can trust that we are on the cutting edge of the gaming industry.


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Game Modes



  • Private Sale
    10% – 50,000,000
  • Developer program foundation
    12% – 60,000,000
  • Public Sale
    20% – 100,000,000
  • Dev & Team
    10% – 50,000,000
  • BitSport eSport program
    7% – 35,000,000
  • Listing Fund & Liquidity
    10% – 50,000,000
  • Ecosystem Incentive and Marketing
    20% – 100,000,000
  • Bounty campaign
    1% – 5,000,000

Ecosystem Pool

Initial Unlock: 0%
Lockup Period:
Vesting: 36 months
Frequency: monthly

20% of the supply is designated to the BitSport ecosystem. This allocation provides resources required to drive network growth through marketing and partner acquisition. Reward participants of our referral and listing programs designed to onboard more users and venues. Staking rewards will also derive from this fund.

Commonly Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions about BitSport and BitPlay


BitSport is a peer to peer competitive eSports platform where gamers can conect with each other to play their existing favourite games and earn cryptocurrencies, while BitPlay is a DAO which governs and oversees the gaming ecosystem powered by BitSport. BitPlay ($BITP) also serves as the primary/governance cryptocurrency of the BitPlay DAO and ecosystem.

To start earning with BitSport, put your skils to test by joining any of the game modes such as Live, PvP, eSports or TvT from the DApp, select a favourite game and start matching, staking or competing with other gamers to start earning.

PvP challenges are a great way to challenge a friend or other gamers from around the world on popular game titles, stake some crypto, utilize your skills, win and earn, it's that simple

IGO means "Initial Gamers Offering". Invest in your favourite player and earn a percentage on thier wins - it's that simple!